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In the summer of 2009, Caramundo organizes the biggest open air art exhibition ever made in Rotterdam: R.U.A- Reflexo on Urban Art - Lines, Colours and Forms of Brazilian Urban Art.

Rua in Portuguese means street. The use of public spaces as a support for art is widely developed in Brazil, and because of its quality and beauty the view on graffiti changed: graffiti stops being seen as vandalism and becomes a genuine form of contemporary art.

Caramundo invited 10 Brazilian graffiti artists to paint huge walls in the streets of Rotterdam to show urban and contemporary Brazilian art next to institutionalized art of museums and galleries. The participating graffiti writers are known for their work intervening in public space, but also for exhibitions in galleries all over the world.

R.U.A. Reflexo on urban art Rotterdam, Netherlands, July - August 2009.

R.U.A. is realized by Stichting CaraMundo - website by Rein Vyncke - facebook - Subscribe to our newsletter