This project is initiated and realized by Stichting Caramundo.

Caramundo is a Dutch based, non-profit organization that creates opportunities for youths in poor urban areas in Latin America. Caramundo supports local, grass-root youth initiatives that stimulate autonomy and lead to economic self-sufficiency. We focus primarily on arts and sports.

Caramundo has been active for many years in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro. More info on Caramundo:

Visiting Address:
Postbus 92271
1090 AG Amsterdam


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Caramundo team

Project Coordination: Anouk Piket

Concept and Curators: Anouk Piket and Carolina Bastos

Sponsoring: Hedwig Maria Hupkes

Production: Carolina Bastos - Hedwig Maria Hupkes - Lilian Sampaio - Ana-LĂșcia Nishio - Aron den Boer - Mathijs Alderliesten - HercĂ­lia Borges

Graphic Design / Website: Rein Vyncke

Redaction: Sacha Seth Nicholas (photography) - Gustavo Amaral (photography, videomaker, text editor) - Marcio Alexandre Bella (video editor) - Carolina Bastos (text editor)


R.U.A. Reflexo on urban art Rotterdam, Netherlands, July - August 2009.

R.U.A. is realized by Stichting CaraMundo - website by Rein Vyncke - facebook - Subscribe to our newsletter